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Bloody Butcher Grits, Cornmeal and Polenta

After several years of working with one of our best farmers, Castle Valley Mill is delighted to bring back products made from an heirloom variety of corn from the 1800’s that was lauded for its flavor in its day.  Bloody Butcher is a dent corn with deep red and purple kernels dotted with some slate blue and yellow.  The cornmeal is distinctly magenta and the grits are cream colored with dark red speckles throughout.  The flavor is outstanding with a noticeable fruitiness and buttery texture.  Polenta turns out a beautiful creamy white with red speckles.  This is a difficult corn to grow due to the unusually tall and skinny stalks which are prone to being knocked over in fall storms.  As a result it is not suitable to industrial scale farming, and remains a specialty crop that requires care and attention from the farmer.  The results are well worth the effort and we hope you will find this unique and exceptional corn to be a stand out on your menus and in your baked goods.